What is the True Cost of Customer Loss?

IT Glue is a cloud-based IT documentation software specifically designed for IT service providers to store, organize, and share all of their confidential client data. IT Glue helps businesses increase efficiency and save money by streamlining the process of managing IT documentation while also allowing them to track all of their assets in one secure place easily.

Techs+Together has partnered with IT Glue to create an offering that provides MSPs with the enterprise edition of the software at up to 50% off the normal price. Additionally, Techs+TOGETHER members benefit from a shorter contract term and no minimum user requirement! This is a perfect solution for small, mid, and large Managed Service Providers. 

Benefits of the IT Glue Partnership:

IT Glue

IT Glue Helps MSPs Retain Customers & ImprovE Productivity

The financial losses from customer turnover run far deeper than just the lost MRR. The ripple effects of losing customers can lead to large cash flow deficits, as well as time and resource optimization issues. To avoid these costly repercussions, it is essential that you recognize and effectively address the four key pillars of successful customer retention strategies. Doing so will minimize your business’s susceptibility to negative impacts caused by consumer churning.

The true cost of customer loss is made up of four key cost factors: direct costs, acquisition costs, social costs, and operational costs.

Direct Costs

Direct costs encompass the impact a lost customer has on your revenue both now and in the future. It includes the often overlooked cost of lost potential account growth.

Acquisition Costs

Did you know that it costs up to 25X* more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one? Even if you replace each customer you lose, you significantly hinder your profit growth potential.

Social Costs

According to a Zendesk survey**, 95% of people share bad experiences with others, and 45% share those bad experiences over social media. Among those who share bad experiences, they tell an average of 5 people. So, a lost customer can quickly snowball into additional loss – both with your current and potential customer bases.

Operational Costs

When offboarding a lost customer, you need to ensure all property has been returned and client details are shared with the new provider. This operational cost comes after the point at which you’ll receive no additional revenue; it’s just deadweight cost.

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ITGlue’s documentation solution can be customized to suit any business’s unique needs. With powerful search capabilities, users can quickly find what they’re looking for and access it instantly. This powerful platform allows businesses to manage a single source of truth for every client asset and easily collaborate with others on projects. Additionally, automated backup solutions ensure that all data is kept secure even if an unexpected outage occurs.

ITGlue also provides an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop functionality and custom templates that can be used to build streamlined workflows and processes – making it easy for users to stay organized in a fraction of the time. With various authentication layers like two-factor authentication and strong password policies in place, users can feel confident that their data remains safe at all times.

ITGlue is one of the best MSP tools for providers who are looking to reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency through better organization of their documentation processes. By using this platform, businesses can ensure that their data remains up to date, secure, and accessible from anywhere – providing them with peace of mind knowing that their critical information is always at hand when needed.

Password Manager

IT Glue’s powerful and secure password manager features ensure that users can utilize strong authentication and access control systems to protect their information. With IT Glue, businesses can easily create, store, and manage all of their passwords in one central location. They also have the ability to create customized password policies for each team, ensuring that each individual has the correct level of security protecting their data.

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So what’s the answer for minimizing customer loss? There are four crucial pillars for ensuring consistent customer satisfaction and increased retention across your entire customer base.

It’s important to take the right action at the right time.

1.  Set expectations from the start to ensure you consistently deliver on your commitments.

2.  Take preventative action to make sure your customers know the value you’ve delivered to them.

Document and monitor information.

1.  Ensure all relevant customer information is up-to-date and immediately accessible.

2.  Establish processes for updating information checking for accuracy, and tracking amendments.

Be proactive, personal, and regular with your customer communications.

1. Verify and reiterate your value.

2. Demonstrate the work that is going on ‘behind the scenes’ with summative, personalized communication of issues, risks, and fixes.

Focus on issue resolution both internally and for the customer.

1. Make sure the right people are dealing with the right issues, and every asset required for a swift response is readily available.

2. Enforce and practice a solution vs. problem-oriented mindset.

Network Glue
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Network Glue Network Map
Network Glue

Deliver the Best, Most Comprehensive, Flexible IT Services

Save time and enhance network visibility! Network Glue automates the discovery and documentation of devices, increasing client onboarding speed and efficiency for your team.

• Network Glue Collector is a lightweight Windows service that can run on any server or workstation to conduct network discovery

• Network Glue Collector is uniquely configured per IT Glue organization and uses a number of network protocols including SNMP, pings, broadcasts, WMI, and Active Directory to discover device information

• Devices found by the Network Glue Collector are automatically matched to existing IT Glue Configurations

• Existing IT Glue Configurations are enriched with Network Glue Collector information including device name, type and description, IP address(es), MAC address(es), web server type, gateway, operating system, host name, device contact, and

physical location (if available)

• Opportunity to manually match or create new IT Glue Configurations from devices found by Network Glue Collector

• Up-to-date network diagrams allowing MSPs to enjoy greater visibility into client environments

Getting Started

Network Glue is an add-on solution to IT Glue that keeps network documentation up-to-date. Contact TECHS+TOGETHER for a free consultation and product demo.

MyGlue Client Portal

MyGlue provides your clients with all the necessary tools to manage their passwords and process documentation efficiently. Now, with the MyGlue Help Center onboard, uncovering helpful documents such as “How To’s” has never been simpler!

MyGlue Mobile App

MyGlue Mobile App

MyGlue is filled with powerful features you are familiar with from IT Glue. From robust password vaulting capabilities, checklists, and advanced security measures MyGlue has every single thing your customers need for managing passwords & process documentation competently.

Give your customers access to their essential information and the freedom to access everything they need from anywhere! MyGlue’s mobile app offers secure Touch ID, Face ID, Single Sign-On and fingerprint authentication for iOS and Android users. Furthermore, our One-Time Password Generator takes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to a whole new level of simplicity

Kaseya VSA & Kaseya BMS Integration

The tight integration between Kaseya VSA, Kaseya BMS and IT Glue provides powerful features and benefits that help MSPs save time and better understand their clients’ networks. By leveraging the comprehensive device discovery capabilities of Kaseya VSA, MSPs can quickly find detailed information about devices such as name, type, IP address, operating system, etc., which is then automatically stored in IT Glue for easy access. This helps to create up-to-date network diagrams so that MSPs have greater visibility into client environments. Additionally, with the ability to manually match or create new IT Glue Configurations from devices found by Network Glue Collector, users are able to tailor documentation according to their specific needs. The combination of these two tools allows MSPs to reduce time waste while providing a more accurate picture of their client’s networks.

Additional IT Glue Integrations

IT Glue has built a large library of integrations with many of your favorite IT tools including ConnectWise Manage, Zendesk, SolarWinds N-central, Webroot, SecureAnywhere, GSM Console, Autotask Endpoint Backup and many more .   

ITGlue Integration with VSA & BMS

A. IT Glue provides a range of support resources designed to help users get the most out of their product. These include an extensive Knowledge Base comprised of articles, tutorials, webinars, and a Support ticketing system for submitting questions or reporting issues, as well as email and phone support. The team is available 24/7 to provide assistance when needed. Additionally, IT Glue also offers specialized services such as onboarding assistance, custom integrations, and data migration, depending on individual user needs.

A. Flexible assets in IT Glue allow you to store and access any type of information as fields, sections, or documents. With Flexible Assets, you can create data-rich custom assets that meet the specific requirements of your organization and document every detail about a customer or device. To make flexible assets in IT Glue, simply click on the “Flexible Assets” tab in the left panel menu. Then click on “Add Asset”, and fill out all of your desired fields to create an asset type tailored to your needs. Once saved, it will appear in the list of Flexible Assets so that you can easily add new assets going forward.

A. IT Glue offers a variety of security features to ensure the safety and privacy of user data. IT Glue meets the highest industry standards for data security, including ISO 27001-compliant infrastructure, SOC 2 compliance, multi-factor authentication (MFA), encrypted storage at rest and in transit, secure software development lifecycle (SDL) procedures, bug bounty program participation with HackerOne and SIEM integration with external incident response partners. Additionally, IT Glue also provides access control settings that can be tailored to fit specific users or roles within an organization. This allows users to only see information that is relevant to their role without compromising on security.

A. IT Glue currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Other languages are available upon request.

A. Yes, IT Glue has APIs that allow users to integrate their documents, data, and knowledge into other programs or applications. The API gives access to all the features of IT Glue and provides a powerful way to customize it for your specific needs. With this integration, you can automate document creation, generate reports based on user roles or geographical locations and even integrate with monitoring software like Nagios or Zenoss. Additionally, you can use the API programmatically in scripts or programs to interact with your components in an automated fashion.


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