Kaseya Virtual Systems Administrator

Next-generation remote monitoring and endpoint management solution for today’s forward-thinking IT professionals

With Kaseya VSA’s powerful automation and other capabilities, you can create a robust set of IT services that drives operational efficiencies, increases system security, and ensures extremely reliable service levels.

Deliver the Best, Most Comprehensive, Flexible IT Services

Provide world-class IT services to manage end users and clients while achieving the most efficient use of IT resources possible. Kaseya VSA offers the broadest and deepest set of IT management capabilities in a single solution.

VSA facilitates services like:

Kaseya VSA relies on a modern, clean, and intuitive “single-pane-of-glass” interface designed to enhance user productivity and process workflow to deliver any IT services needed. Kaseya VSA leverages and enables pervasive use of automation to drive IT efficiency and ensure the maximum tech-to-endpoint ratio.

Architected for Growth and Change: Flexible, Reliable, Secure, Scalable, and Open

Capability starts with architecture. IT professionals need the confidence of knowing that mission-critical solutions can evolve and change alongside their business needs. VSA is designed to provide a complete feature set in a variety of network situations, work with any IT shop regardless of size or maturity, and easily enable events from onboarding to reorganization and more.

Complete Discovery that Works

IT professionals cannot manage what they cannot see! Success begins with having visibility to all on- and-off network devices and users. In a few clicks, VSA can find and correctly identify more machines, more often than any other management platform in the industry. By deploying just one agent, a simple scan can propagate throughout the network, perform a network harvest that returns critical information about the machines that will be managed, and enable VSA to monitor assets and instantly detect network changes.

Discovery Features

The Most Productive Technician Experience on the Market

Kaseya Live Connect delivers real-time remote control across distributed networks so a technician can do everything needed from any location without ever disturbing the end user. The visual design is modern and familiar, reducing the need to train, and the workflow enables the technician to work with maximum efficiency.

With Kaseya Live Connect you can:

Fully Automate Patch and Software Management to Prevent Vulnerabilities

Centrally manage all software for any platform. Fully automate patch audits, deployment, rollback, and history. This scalable, secure, and highly configurable policy-driven approach is location independent and bandwidth friendly, and helps ensure all machines are in compliance and protected by offering:

Do all this and more from a single module built for integrated management

Secure, Recover

Today’s threats, such as ransomware, require a multifaceted approach. VSA starts with a fully encrypted agent that calls home on the server’s single inbound port, reducing vulnerability exposure. Layering in robust endpoint security protection that is fully integrated for automation to prevent and remediate threats fosters confidence that the environment is backed up and completely recoverable. VSA provides:

Do all this and more from a single module built for integrated management

More Ways to Monitor and Auto-Remediate

Implement proactive, user-defined system monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes, such as low disk space, processor spikes, and memory issues with:

Powerful Automation Enhances IT Performance

Backed by Kaseya’s Transformational Thought Leadership

A robust ecosystem of industry expertise that features the following:

Base Features

Enhanced Features

Kaseya Native Integrations

In a few clicks, VSA can find and correctly identify more machines, more often than any other management platform in the industry