Powerful data protection tools for growing MSPs

Probax offers award-winning data protection solutions and services to MSPs so they can provide secure backups, rapid data recovery, and protection against cyber threats for their clients.

TECHS+TOGETHER has partnered with Probax to deliver the best data security solutions to MSP’s at the best pricing available. By leveraging the Probax platform with Techs+Together, you’ll gain access to substantial cost savings on a flexible month-to-month agreement. Additional MSPs will gain access to support, training and resources  from TECHS+TOGETHER’s team of engineer and have access to our discord channel where other MSP owners/IT Professionals who run into all the same problems share solutions and ideas. At the end of the day, we’re a community that leans on one another. 

As a TECHS+TOGETHER member, small to mid-sized MSPs can receive the following benefits for Probax services:

Benefits of the Probax Partners


PROBAX - Scalable Data Protection Solution for MSPs

Probax provides an exceptional suite of data protection services specifically tailored to meet the needs of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Its award-winning offerings ensure optimal security, reliable data backups, and rapid data recovery, effectively furnishing a comprehensive shield against cyber threats. The goal is to empower MSPs to secure their clients’ data without having to grapple with complex technical issues, allowing them to focus on their core business operations. Their unique approach to data protection gives MSPs the confidence and peace of mind they need in an increasingly digital and risk-prone business landscape. The strength of the Probax platform, combined with the advantages brought by the TECHS+TOGETHER partnership, creates a potent data protection solution that truly stands out in the market.

Simplify Complex Data Protection Challenges

Reduce complexity with Probax’s single-pane-of-glass view, automation and intelligence. They help guide you through using best of breed data protection solutions

Generate New Revenue and Reduce Operating Costs

  • Deploy data protection solutions and services to new clients faster and easier.
  • Grow your existing client revenue by up-selling / cross-selling a broad range of data protection solutions.
  • Reduce costs with automation and intelligence. 

Enable proactive data loss prevention and compliance

Automatically identify new devices and workloads per client environment. Automatic monitoring of data protection jobs and important services ensures ongoing compliance and peace of mind.

TECHS+TOGETHER is offering a free two-week trial of the complete Probax platform. This trial will give you a chance to see if the solution is right for your business.

Honeycomb Hot Storage (BaaS)

Probax’s Honeycomb Hot Storage (BaaS) service offers an industry-leading Backup-as-a-Service solution that is engineered to safeguard essential data. It leverages state-of-the-art technology, architecture, and methodologies to provide hot storage, ensuring quick access and rapid retrieval of backed-up data. This service is specifically designed for high-frequency access needs. Honeycomb Hot Storage mitigates data loss risks while enhancing operational efficiency; its automated systems consistently monitor and manage data protection jobs, contributing to maintaining a robust security posture. The service prioritizes data integrity and availability, making it a reliable choice for MSPs that need to balance data protection with seamless service delivery. In the event of data disruption or disaster, Honeycomb Hot Storage enables rapid data recovery ensuring business continuity and resilience. This service exemplifies Probax’s commitment to simplifying complex data protection challenges while fostering revenue growth and reducing operational costs for MSPs.

Honeycomb Hot Storage BaaS

Honeycomb Cold Storage (AaaS)

Probax Honeycomb Cold Storage (AaaS) is an Archive-as-a-Service solution designed for long-term data retention. Ideal for infrequently accessed data, this service offers an economical, secure, and low-maintenance method for storing critical information. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure data longevity and accessibility when needed. With stringent security measures, the Cold Storage service mitigates risks associated with data loss, offering a reliable data recovery plan and archival solutions. Its automated systems streamline data protection tasks, reducing operational costs. Honeycomb Cold Storage is an illustration of Probax’s dedication to offer versatile cloud backup solutions, helping MSPs to meet varying client needs while upholding compliance and ensuring peace of mind.

Second Colony (DRaaS)

Probax Second Colony (DRaaS) is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution engineered to provide rapid, robust, and reliable data recovery in the event of unforeseen disruptions. It offers automated, fully-managed, and monitored service, ensuring a prompt and efficient response to any data recovery needs. Second Colony utilizes advanced technology to replicate your essential data and systems in a secure, remote environment and can easily scale. In the event of a disaster, this service allows for the swift restoration of your IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. It exemplifies Probax’s commitment to comprehensive data protection, equipping MSPs with a formidable defense against catastrophic data loss. Through Second Colony, Probax empowers MSPs to assure their clients of a secure and resilient data management system.

Office 365 Backup & Archive

Probax’s Office 365 Backup & Archive services provide comprehensive coverage for your Office 365 data, ensuring optimal security, accessibility, and longevity. With this service, MSPs can offer their clients peace of mind, knowing their essential data within Office 365 is backed up and can be recovered swiftly when needed. Data is safeguarded through automated backups, reducing the risks associated with accidental deletion, security threats, and other disruptive events. Archival services ensure long-term data retention, perfect for regulatory compliance or maintaining historical records. This robust and versatile solution exemplifies Probax’s commitment to providing MSPs with scalable and comprehensive data protection solutions that align with their clients’ needs.

Dropbox Backup & Archive

Probax’s Dropbox Backup & Archive service offers a comprehensive solution for the protection of your Dropbox data, ensuring its safety, accessibility, and retention. This service automates the process of backing up and archiving Dropbox files, thereby reducing the risks associated with accidental deletion, security threats, or unfortunate events. The service ensures the swift recovery of data when needed and guarantees long-term data retention for compliance, audit purposes, or historical records. In addition to enhancing data protection, the Dropbox Backup & Archive service simplifies the task of managing large volumes of data, making it an efficient and reliable choice for MSPs. This service is a testament to Probax’s commitment to providing robust, versatile, and user-friendly data protection solutions.
dropbox backup

Veeam Licensing

The Probax Veeam Licensing service offers a streamlined solution for managing and optimizing your data protection licenses. Backed by a track record of data protection expertise, Probax equips MSPs with the ability to manage Veeam licenses, saving time and resources efficiently. This service is underscored by Probax’s commitment to providing user-friendly, scalable, and robust data protection solutions. It incorporates automated features that simplify management tasks and ensure compliance. As a trusted partner of Veeam, Probax is ideally positioned to deliver this service, leveraging its deep understanding of Veeam’s solutions and the data protection landscape. This service demonstrates Probax’s dedicated effort to support MSPs in achieving operational efficiency while ensuring robust data protection for their clients.

Probax Helps MSPs Create New Revenue While Reducing Operating Costs

As an MSP, you are always looking for ways to increase the profitability of your managed services offerings. With Probax, you can quickly deploy data protection solutions and services to new clients, generating revenue and expanding your service offerings. Moreover, Probax enables you to nurture your existing revenue streams by offering a wide range of up-selling and cross-selling data protection solutions and services.

Probax Facilitates Proactive Data Loss Prevention and Compliance

Continuous monitoring of data protection tasks and critical device security services, such as antivirus and firewall services, ensures ongoing compliance and provides peace of mind. This comprehensive approach to data protection establishes a robust defense against emerging cyber threats, giving MSPs the confidence to focus on their core operations while maintaining a secure and compliant environment.

Probax is an award-winning provider of data protection solutions and services. With unmatched partner enablement and support, together with continued innovation and integration with leading technology vendors, Probax empowers businesses to protect their most valuable asset, their data. By leveraging the Probax platform with Techs+Together, you’ll gain access to substantial cost savings on a flexible month-to-month agreement, technical support and more. This is an unprecedented offer made possible by the team at Techs+Together.


As community members, managed service providers not only gain access to the lowest pricing in the industry for the best MSP tools, but you will have access to training sessions twice a week on how to use VSA by Kaseya. The Techs+Together community members also have access to knowledgeable level-1 support for all of our MSP tools.