Liongard gives MSPs an operational advantage and delivers higher profits and exceptional customer experience. MSPs can automate their operations, minimize errors, and respond more quickly to customer needs.

By partnering with Liongard, TECHS+TOGETHER is now delivering even more value to the MSP market. Through this partnership, MSPs can access a range of additional services that help boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. As a TECHS+TOGETHER member small to mid-sized MSPs can receive the following benefits for Liongard services:

  • Save approximately 25% per customer environment
  • Get started with a minimum of only 3-customer environments (as opposed to the standard 15 environment minimum)
  • Save 50% on onboarding fees
  • No long term contracts 

Liongard's Deep Data Platform™

Liongard is a powerful automation and visibility platform that helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) gain intelligence hidden deep in their customer’s environments more efficiently, save time, and reduce errors. Liongard offers MSPs an operational advantage with a wide range of features that help streamline IT operations.

Automation – By automating common IT operations such as onboarding, patch management, software deployment, and more, Liongard helps MSPs save time on mundane tasks and free up resources for more value-driven activities.

Visibility across customer environments – Liongard offers MSPs a way to see their customers’ IT environments in real-time. By having this level of information, MSPs are better equipped to comprehend the current state of their customers’ systems, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Enhanced security – Liongard assists MSPs in safeguarding their customers by ensuring all users adhere to industry standards for security and compliance. This aids MSPs in minimizing their risk and ensuring the safety of their customers’ data.


Eliminate the everyday chaos that comes from managing dozens of systems. Tap into the power of deep data to automate workflows, manual tasks, and documentation — meaning less time hunting for data and more time growing your business.

Automate Your Documentation

Automatically document your customers’ systems and keep them up-to-date with daily inspections across your stack.

Accelerate Onboarding

Stop spending weeks onboarding new customers and start providing exceptional service on day one.

Verify Your Customers Are Secure & Compliant

Ensure proof of compliance and get the visibility you need to secure your customers’ systems.

Troubleshoot Customer Issues

Put all of the data your techs need at their fingertips and reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot and resolve incidents.

Reconcile Your Billing

No more hours and hours spent doing end-of-month billing by using a single source of truth.



Book a consultation to learn more about the benefits of joining the TECHS+TOGETHER community (no membership fees) and how we help save Managed Service Providers money and receive personable support.

Liongard gives you a complete picture of your customers’ environments –across software, assets, and users – so you know exactly what you need to protect.

liongard reporting

Create Custom Reports to Evaluate Customer Security Example: Leverage CIS-aligned reports to set your customers up right from the get-go and to keep them secure

Liongard Data Config

Gathering Inventory & Config Data to Get a Complete Picture Example: Collect data from 70+ systems such as: M365, AD, Duo, SonicWall, Sophos, FortiGate, WatchGuard, Cisco, SentinelOne, Microsoft Servers & Workstations

Liongard Time Rewind

Rewind Time at the Click of a Button to Identify Root Causes Example: Pinpoint the exact day and time a Windows Server user gained admin privileges

Liongard Configuration Drift

Stay on Top of Configuration
Drift to Avoid Surprises
Example: Get alerted with a ticket in your PSA when we detect a new open port on your firewall, or that a new external forwarding rule has been created

Liongard Standardized Compliance

Standardize Compliance Across Customers for Peace of Mind
Example: Use our Actionable Alerts to audit
all your customers’ configs as often as every eight
hours, automatically

MSPs are the Most Targeted Industry by Ransomware Attacks

Cyber threat actors view MSPs as valuable targets due to the extensive access they have to customers’ networks and systems. If an MSP is compromised, it could result in providing access to multiple organizations’ data and systems, including sensitive proprietary information.

According to MSPs were targeted 3X more than the next highest industry.


Liongard is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed specifically for MSPs to protect their customers from cyber attacks like ransomware. Its advanced features and proactive monitoring capabilities help keep organizations secure by detecting threats in real time and quickly responding to them.



Book a consultation to learn more about the benefits of joining the TECHS+TOGETHER community (no membership fees) and how we help save Managed Service Providers money and receive personable support.