Liongard - Unified Visibility to MSPs

What is Liongard? 

Liongard’s platform delivers unified visibility to MSPs, continuously collecting data across cloud and network systems, apps, services and endpoints. Through automated discovery, documentation and auditing, Liongard empowers MSPs to standardize their processes, secure their customers’ systems and scale operations. 

By centralizing deep system data, Liongard enables faster resolutions, eliminates unnecessary escalations and facilitates the creation of alerts and reports that help streamline managing systems. Liongard’s continuous data collection and historical timelines even allow MSPs to go back in time to see what changed. 


Liongard Essentials 

Essentials includes the following 5 Inspectors: 

                          • Internet Domain
                          • TLS/ SSL
                          • Microsoft 365
                          • Google Workspace
                          • Identity Monitoring 
– Liongard Essentials allows you to have up to 10 active Inspectors per environment. 
– Liongard Essentials does not include Endpoint Inspectors. 
– Liongard Core is required in order to purchase Liongard Essentials.