Kaseya Cloud Backup

Back up and recover every machine you manage on-premises or to the cloud – all from one place.

Backup Anything. Anywhere. Recover Any Way.

With Kaseya Cloud Backup, powered by Acronis, you have the power of the world’s fastest backup solution integrated into your daily operations through Kaseya VSA. Back up anything and everything ―servers, workstations, disk images, files, folders, and more with Kaseya Cloud Backup.

Windows and macOS Backups from Any Device

Back up your Windows and Mac machines, whether they are workstations, VMs, or servers. Kaseya Cloud Backup allows you to deploy backup solutions that work in your environment.

Fast and Flexible Disaster Recovery

Back up entire machines to ISO to recover them instantly (including recovering all VMs), or backup volumes, directories, and individual files for more specific, efficient protection. Mix and match to provide cost-effective, protective services that meet all your needs or the needs of your clients.

Store Backups on Your Cloud or Ours

Store your backups to local storage, network storage, your own cloud storage and/or competitively priced cloud storage available through Kaseya Cloud Backup. If you choose the offsite backup through Kaseya’s cloud, you won’t have to lift a finger to support or manage the infrastructure.

The Power of Integration with Kaseya VSA

By leveraging the power of Kaseya VSA with Kaseya Cloud Backup, you can quickly define backup policies by organization, machine group, or device type. Create as many policies as you need to simplify managing the backup requirements of the entire set of infrastructures under your control, and ensure you are meeting all compliance procedures.

Changes in standard policy procedures can be applied to multiple machines and
environments with a few simple clicks.

In addition, you can create policies in VSA to automatically restart failed backups, shut down machines prior to backing up, and many other problems that commonly occur during routine backup processes. Your sysadmins and technicians can spend more time on strategic projects versus manually running and rechecking backup processes.

Simple, comprehensive dashboards, alerting systems, and flexible reports mean that you and your staff always have real-time insight into the status of all backup activities.

MSPs – Enhance Your Backup Service Offerings

Kaseya Cloud Backup enables you to enhance your services by offering comprehensive backup solutions for your customers.

It’s a turnkey offsite backup solution that includes:

Technical Specifications and Requirements

Kaseya Cloud Backup supports:

Kaseya Cloud Backup implementation requires: