RMM Suite Essentials Add On 
A subset of the full RMM Suite designed for small MSPs to leverage platform and endpoint automation without an initial implementation cost. This product is designed to follow the T+T pricing model of a fixed price per agent. The price for this component is $2 per agent per month, a minimum of 25 agents ($50), and a minimum commitment of 1 year by the end-customer. The Essentials package is limited to customers with 250 endpoints or less. Four hours of implementation guidance/training will be provided by MSPB to the Techs+Together customer; all additional training will be provided by self-paced media.

The Essentials version can be upgraded to the full RMM Suite for a one-time cost of $750 and conversion to normal billing process/rate of $209 plus $0.36 per agent at any time, and must be converted when the agent count exceeds 250. (The monthly cost is higher for the Essentials suite after 235 agents.)


  • The RMM Suite Essentials provides the premier solution for MSPs and IT departments using the Kaseya VSA platform through Techs+Together. It provides everything needed to fully automate Discovery, Monitor, Patch, and Maintain the endpoints, as well as automate much of the RMM platform administration for environments with less than 300 managed agents. For environments supporting more agents, the full RMM Suite provides additional server patching schedules and Enterprise monitoring and notification services. Clients can upgrade to the full RMM Suite at any time. The operation of the RMM Suite is fully documented.

Core Capabilities:

  • Agent Procedures for endpoint & platform management, application installation and updating
  • Views for filtering, reports, and automation control
  • Monitors for platforms and common applications
  • Over 250 policies to automate RMM administration for scheduling tasks, updates, and patching
  • Intelligent monitoring without the need for manual intervention
  • Report Templates for internal and customer needs
  • Client specific user Maintenance Interface